Indicators of Sustainability Training Course Outline
    Title page
    Instructions for Using This Workshop
    Setting Your Browser for Optimal Viewing
    Introduction to the Workshop
    Introductory Exercise
    Optional Exercises
    Section 1 - What is sustainability?
        A new way to look at the world
        Training workshop agenda
        Let's define some terms
            What does sustain mean?
            What is development?
            What is carrying capacity?
            What is community capital?
            What are weak and strong sustainability?
            How do you define a community?
            What is an indicator?
        Traditional measures
        Interconnected measures
        There are many different definitions of sustainability
            Brundtland Commission
                Brundtland Commission (continued)
            Caring for the Earth
                Indicators from Caring for the Earth
            Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
            Sustainable Seattle
            Puget Sound/Sustainable Community Roundtable
            Co-op America
            MACED Communities by Choice
            Northwest Policy Institute
            Indicators for sustainable communities
        Sustainable business
            Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
            The Natural Step
            Sustainable production indicators
        Sustainable agriculture
            Indicators for sustainable agriculture
        Sustainability is a vision of the future
        Next ...
    Section 2 - What makes a good indicator?
        What are indicators for?
            Showing Linkages
        What makes a good indicator?
            Not at expense of others
                Environmental indicators
                Cultural/social indicators
                Economic indicators
        Making a better indicator
            Examples of national economic indicators
                Gross National Product
                Genuine Progress Indicator
                Ecological Footprint
            Making measures that speak to people
                Total water use
                Water use per person
                Water use vs. water available
            Measure cause and effect
                Pressure - State - Response
        Evaluating indicators
            Environmental indicators
            Economic indicators
            Transportation indicators
            Land use indicators
        Next ...
    Section 3 - Developing Indicators
        Small Group Exercise
        Small group exercise
            Linking issues
            Indicator checklist
        Next ...
    Section 4 - Indicator Projects and Resources
        View of Community
        Economy, environment, society as interlocked circles
        Economy in society in environment
        Indicator frameworks
            Indicator themes
        Indicator criteria
            How many indicators do we need?
        Data sources
            Local and regional data sources
            National and international data sources
        Who is working on sustainability?
            Where are they working on it?
            How are they working on it?
            Why are people working on it?
        Other resources
        How do we get there?
    It's time to measure what we want to be
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