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Acres under integrated pest management
Used by:
United States EPA Region 3 - Chesapeake Bay Program Office
Data source:
States of MD, VA, and PA
Keywords: agriculture, chemicals, cropland, environment, farm, farm land, farming, land use, natural, organic, toxics
Proportion of original agricultural land reserve (ALR) still designated ALR
Used by:
City of Richmond
Data source:
BC Agricultural Land Commission, 1998
Keywords: agriculture, conservation, environment, farm, farm land, farming, land use, preservation
Annual acreage in field crops
Used by:
Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Council
Data source:
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Wentworth Office
Keywords: agriculture, crops, economy, farm, farming, food, land use, resource use
Feed production and use balance
Used by:
Land Stewardship Project
Data source:
Income tax forms
Keywords: agriculture, cost, economy, efficiency, farm, farming, food, resource use
Farm acreage
Comment: The figure of $1,000 has been in use since 1974 and has not been adjusted for inflation.
Used by:
Sustainable Seattle
Data source:
1992 US Census of Agriculture, 1987 & 1992 WA Agricultural Statistics, National Agricultural Statistics Service
Keywords: agriculture, economy, environment, farm, farming, food, land use, resource use, resources
Agricultural employment
Comment: Does not measure proportion of local produce sold for consumption within Fife, nor what proportion of food consumed in Fife is of locally produced food.
Used by:
Fife Regional Council
Data source:
The Scottish Environment, HMSO, 1993, The Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture
Keywords: agriculture, economy, employment, farming, jobs
Agriculture value added as a percent of gross sales
Used by:
Maine Development Foundation
Data source:
US Department of Agriculture; Maine Farm Indicators
Keywords: agriculture, economy, farming, finance, food, sales, value-added