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Number of days all beaches are open for swimmming
Used by:
Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Council
Data source:
Region of Hamilton-Wentworth, Department of Public Health Services
Healthy City Office - Corporation of the City of Toronto
City of Toronto, Department of Public Health
Keywords: beaches, environment, health, ocean, pollution, recreation, surface water, swimming, water, water pollution, water quality
Fishable and swimmable river miles and lake acres
Comment: Number of chemicals monitored is limited.
Used by:
Minnesota Planning
Data source:
The MN Pollution Control Agency
Keywords: environment, health, lakes, recreation, rivers, surface water, swimming, water pollution, water quality
Percentage area of lakes fully suitable for swimming
Used by:
Maine Development Foundation
Data source:
Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Land and Water Quality
Keywords: environment, lakes, recreation, surface water, swimming, water, water pollution