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Unemployment rate by ethnicity
Comment: Unemployment numbers include only people who are actively seeking employment. Does not take into account those who have stopped looking or those who are underemployed.
Used by:
Community Planning Council of Greenville County
Data source:
SC Employment Security Comm., Labor Market Information Division
Jacksonville Community Council Inc.
City of Pasadena
Keywords: diversity, economy, employment, equity, ethnic, ethnicity, jobs, labor, minority, race, unemployment
Long-term unemployment
Comment: Does not include people on employment and training initiatives, people who are ineligible to receive benefit, and those who have given up looking for work.
Used by:
Fife Regional Council
Data source:
Department of Employment, Joint Unemployment and Vacancy Operating Statistics
Minnesota Planning
Current Population Survey, US Census Bureau
Keywords: chronic, economy, employment, jobs, labor, unemployment
Real unemployment (estimated)
Used by:
Sustainable Seattle
Data source:
To be determined
Keywords: economy, employment, full time, jobs, part time, underemployment, unemployment
Unemployment rate
Comment: Doesn't measure underemployed.
Used by:
Healthy City Office - Corporation of the City of Toronto
Data source:
Statistics Canada
Willapa Alliance
WA Employment Security
Keywords: economy, employment, jobs, labor, unemployment
Employment rate
Used by:
Maine Development Foundation
Data source:
Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Security; US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Keywords: economy, employment, jobs, labor, self-employed, underemployment, unemployment