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Land use patterns
Used by:
Willapa Alliance
Data source:
Tice and Forrest(1990),WA Conservation Needs Committee; Pacific County Regional Plan Council
Keywords: conservation, ecosystem, environment, farm, farm land, habitat, impervious surfaces, land, land use, open space, residential, roads, urbanization, wetlands
Agricultural land loss / total arable land
Used by:
Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Council
Data source:
Region of H-W, Environment Department
Keywords: agriculture, conservation, construction, development, environment, farm land, food, impervious surfaces, land, land use, property value, real estate, soil, urbanization
Impervious surfaces
Used by:
Sustainable Seattle
Data source:
Seattle Engineering Department and City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan
Keywords: ecosystem, environment, habitat, impervious surfaces, land use, roads, sprawl, urbanization
Index of watershed naturalness
Used by:
British Columbia - Commission on Resources and Environment
Data source:
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Hydrology Branch
Keywords: ecosystem, environment, habitat, land use, natural, open space, urbanization, water, watershed
Noise complaints to local authorities
Used by:
Fife Regional Council
Data source:
Fife State of the Environmental Manual, 1994, and District Council Environmental Health Departments
Keywords: environment, human, noise, pollution, quality of life, urbanization