To get a Data Profile specific to one of the 22 towns in the DataHaven Region, including each town's web page, select Town Pages.

To see data specific to one or all of New Haven's neighborhoods, select Neighborhood Profiles.

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Cultural Competency is an important principle guiding the planning and delivery of effective services. See the new section on Cultural Competency/Cultural Effectiveness for more information.


United Way

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Regional Growth Partnership

Connecticut Voices for Children

US Census: American Community Survey, extensive 2005 Data for places with population of over 60,000.

The Fannie Mae Foundation has created a powerful new data and mapping tool. Learn about this new national data portal on our Knowledgeplex page.

Community Resource Inventory (CRI) Online which enables visitors to create a series of key natural and cultural resource maps for any of the state's 169 municipalities, without any specialized knowledge of mapping or computer mapping technology. Check it Out!

Created by a distinguished team of founding partners and implemented by the Fannie Mae Foundation, KnowledgePlex® is designed to support the efforts of practitioners, grantors, policy makers, scholars, investors, and others involved or interested in the fields of affordable housing and community development.* One of the features offered by KnowledgePlex is called DataPlace, a powerful "data mining" tool. Click here or scroll down to read about it. For information on how to access Knowledgeplex, read below.

How do I access the data?

Accessing data from Knowledgeplex is very simple and straightforward. It may seem like a lot at times due to the large amounts of information constantly on the page, but whatever housing or community information you are seeking, you will be able to find it here. Simply follow the list below and your search should yield the desired results. Click here to open Knowledgeplex in a new window.

Once at the homepage:
-The homepage contains new stories and documents, as well as a full menu of topics on the left hand side. If you'd like to see all of the topics and subtopics, scroll to the bottom for a text listing. If you see a document you would like to look at, simply click on the title. Otherwise, click on a topic to the left.


DataPlace is a very useful data mining and presentation tool from Knowledgeplex. It lets you view tables, charts, and maps of data about states, counties, cities, zip codes and census tracts in the United States, from various sources. Click here to go to DataPlace.