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United Way

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Regional Growth Partnership

Connecticut Voices for Children

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To get a Data Profile specific to one of the 22 towns in the DataHaven Region, including each town's web page, select Town Pages. To see data specific to one or all of New Haven& neighborhoods, select Neighborhood Profiles.

The Partners

The following organizations have collaborated in developing DataHaven. See About DataHaven Page.

United Way

United Way of Greater New Haven builds community through civic investment. United Way, through a collaborative process identifies, prioritizes and communicates community strengths to align resources, both financial and human, with these needs. The Community COMPASS Planning Process of United Way of Greater New Haven provided the impetus to develop the DataHaven interactive site to support philanthropic efforts aiming to generate community impact. For more information please contact Jennifer Heath at jheath@uwgnh.org.

Community Foundation of Greater New Haven

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is committed to community building: strengthening and protecting the community's varied assets; increasing respect, understanding and collaboration among its diverse stakeholders; and enhancing the quality of life of region communities. The Community Foundation envisions a Greater New Haven filled with residents who have taken charge of their lives and make every neighborhood, town, and city a great place to live, work, and play. As a producer and user of data and supporter of past data initiatives, the Community Foundation recognizes the important role of accurate data to support effective community building.

New Alliance Foundation

With a goal of addressing the social and economic needs of Connecticut, The New Alliance Foundation (formerly the New Havens Savings Bank Foundation) supports not-for-profit organizations that reach the people and communities served by NewAlliance Bank.

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Since 1948, the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) has worked to build better futures for disadvantaged children and their families in the United States. The primary mission of the Foundation is to foster public policies, human service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today's vulnerable children and families.

William C. Graustein, a New Haven philantropist, has provided a grant to DataHaven to support community outreach and training activities.

Regional Grwoth Partnership

The Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) is a regional economic development organization serving South Central Connecticut. RGP encourages cohesiveness between the public and private sectors in the development of policies and programs designed to make the South Central Region more competitive in the global economy. RGP is currently developing a data-based economic development plan for the region. RGP serves as the fiscal agent for investments in DataHaven.

Connecticut Voices for Children

Connecticut Voices for Children promotes the well-being of Connecticut's young people through high-quality research and public policy analysis, an active communications program, a commitment to promoting youth leadership and youth voice, and effective citizen mobilization and organizational collaboration. Connecticut Voices uses data extensively in its policy and advocacy work.

Please join us in making data available to our community. If you have data that you want to share through this system or any suggestions or questions, Call 203-772-2050 ext. 13 or email info@ctdatahaven.org.