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Publications We Recommend

As with all the other resources we have listed here, it is not possible to include everything. So, rather than being complete, we are trying to give you a starting point. Please let us know if there are other documents that we should include.

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Writings on Material Use (including water)

Abramovitz, Janet N. Imperiled Waters, Impoverished Future: The Decline of Freshwater Ecosystems. WorldWatch Paper 128, 1996.


Adriaanse, Albert and others. Resource Flows: The Material Basis of Industrial Economies. Washington, D.C.: World Resources Institute, 1997.


Durning, Alan Thein. How Much Is Enough? The Consumer Society and the Future of the World. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1992.


Gardner, Gary. "The Aquifers That Won't Replenish." World Watch 8, no. 3 (May 1995-June 1995): 30-36.