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Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators

The 2nd edition of the Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators by Maureen Hart is now available! To order your copy, print our order form and send it to us with your payment.

Like the first edition, the updated edition can be easily understood and used by individuals at the community level. However, the new Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators, 2nd edition also:Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators, 2nd Ed.

  • Explains how to identify good sustainability indicators for your community;

  • Provides detailed examples of good sustainability indicators;

  • Explains concepts such as community capital and pressure-state-response indicators;

  • Has expanded information on the key issues of carrying capacity, consumption, and population;

  • Includes indicators for topics including business, production, recreation, land use, and transportation, and

  • Has an updated list of almost 700 indicators being used by communities of all sizes.
The guide explains both sustainability and indicators, and encourages the reader to begin to use indicators or improve indicators already in use. The audience for the guide includes people working on community economic development, grassroots activists, municipal and state agency staff, nonprofit organizations, and businesses both large and small.

Print our order form to order your copy of the Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators, 2nd edition (202 pages). Individual copies are US$19.95, shipping not included. Discounts are available for orders of 20 or more. Prepayment, in US dollars, is required for all orders. Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards.