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Useful Web Links

As with all the other resources we have listed here, it is not possible to include everything. So, rather than being complete, we are trying to give you a starting point. Please let us know if there are other sites that we should include.

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Rural communities, farming, forestry

"ASPI is a non-profit resource center advocating for sustainable development, responsible resource management, and informed personal choices. They use science and technology to benefit current and future generations, and the environment by promoting innovative ideas and appropriate technologies. They accomplish this through education, advocacy, research, consulting, and demonstration projects."


"The Canadian Forest Service promotes the sustainable development of Canada's forests and competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector."


A clearinghouse for information on the stewardship and protection of the United States' farmland areas. It contains a collection of laws and statistics on the local and federal levels. The website has an informational database sectioned off by state, and also features links to testimonies, speeches, articles, and publications that are related to farmland sustainability.


"The Heartland Center for Leadership Development is an independent, non profit organization developing local leadership that responds to the challenges of the future."


A non-profit educational center located in southeastern Oklahoma. Their website separates its information into several areas of concern, "Buying and Selling Locally," "Farming and Gardening," "Food and Agricultural Issues," "Organic Agriculture," "Raising Livestock," and "Sustainable Agriculture."


One of four regional centers coordinating rural development research and education throughout the United States working on rural development research and education programs to improve the social and economic well-being of rural people. Web site includes publication of annual sustainability report.


The website contains detailed descriptions of programs related to sustaining and improving the conditions of Nova Scotia's agricultural industry. Initiatives, guidelines, categories and goals are laid out; these descriptions provide transparency and designate responsibility.


"Ensuring adequate food and water to all and achieving sustainable rural development and livelihoods for current and future generations all hinge upon the responsible management of natural resources. These web pages provide key information related to land, water and genetic resources, and the access to and tenure of these resources. These pages also address the challenges and opportunities of bioenergy as well as the challenges agriculture, including fisheries and forestry, faces in the light of climate change."


"The Rural Information Center (RIC) assists local communities by providing information and referral services to local, tribal, state, and federal government officials; community organizations; libraries; businesses; and citizens working to maintain the vitality of America's rural areas. The RIC Web site contains over 3,000 links to current and reliable information on a wide variety of rural resources and funding sources, including RIC's Database: Federal Funding Sources for Rural Areas Database."